I've worked as a product photographer for over 10 years. My images have been used for websites, catalogs, print advertising and product promotions.

I use only natural light and focus on making each product feel like a piece of art. Which it usually is. Even if it is a slab of concrete or a stapler, there is art there. Always.

I shoot catalog shots, atmospheric shots, stylized or stand alone. I have done big projects where I've photographed over 1400 fabrics for an online catalog and I've done little projects that are usually short, sweet, fun and personable. I LIKE what I do so every project works for me.

Selected samples of product photography for both catalog and print advertising:


I work mostly with Photoshop and InDesign and have created everything from product tags to full page ads in national magazines. I also manage website image catalogs and content. It's all related.

These are samples of work where I did the project from photography to submission for Chintz & Company: product stylizing, product photography and layout graphics for full page ads in Canadian House & Home. I also created postcards from the shoots for product promotion. Lots of fun!


Some of my work has been selected for print by an international art publishing company for global distribution. That was exciting and it was pretty amazing to walk into a downtown store and see my stuff on the wall. I know it was in a museum shop in Turkey at one point... surreal and wonderful all the same time.

This is where I started. Grabbing a camera and trying to capture that feeling when you are breathless and beyond inspired by what you are experiencing. I shoot like a photojournalist which makes editing hellish, but it's well worth it.



Stylizing and photography. I love it so much I do it just for me.  I have started an Instagram account just recently and I'm quite excited about it. So much more fun to shoot and share than just shoot!

To me, this is the art of visual story telling. A narration, creating a mood, gathering elements and inventing a new way of looking at something that might be quite ordinary. It's about presentation and slowing down and making a piece of art.

It's also a great excuse for collecting things.

You can follow my Instagram account. The link is below.