April This and May That

It’s May already. I am truly the most irregular regular blogger in the history of blogging… I seem to fly from one thing to the next without breathing and then remember - damn, I was supposed to blog 2 months ago! Laughing. Well, I’m an artist and I won’t lie, art, illustration and photography trump typing.

Personally, it’s been a bit hard this winter as I can’t exercise or really do anything. I am waiting for a CT Angiogram as per Cardiologist. Something is up seeing as I can’t breathe. It’s not unexpected to have heart issues considering my parents had 14 heart stents between them (not joking!). It runs in the family. It may all be nothing but better to check. Having a hard time getting my breath and talking and walking (is that all?) all together which is sort of key to everyday existence. I’m not worried as I’ve collected a million stories of hearty people proclaiming, I had that test! or, I have 5 stents! or, I’ve had open heart surgery and ran a marathon! (that’s my favourite so far). I absolutely HATE not being able to run or exercise or play squash in this pre-test limbo. I stay calm and try and remember NOT to run down the stairs or pace when I chat with my friends on the phone. ALL will be well, All WILL be well, All Manner of Things Will Be Well.

Professionally, I am busy and very happy. I’m doing everything I love to do. Painting is happening, bouts of hand-rest is working, illustration is fun and wildly happy-making, and food photography happens regularly with Chef Denise. If you are local, pick up EAT magazine! Denise and I are on the cover (well, the meringue is) and we’ve been regular contributors for a few editions now. Denise is an amazing chef, teacher and writer and I’m happy styling, snapping and sometimes illustrating this and that.


The latest illustration being a little work featuring Olive, Denise’s lovely little dachshund, who is underfoot, wiggly and lovely. She goes wild when I come over. Nothing compares to having a dog love you to bits. She deserved to be illustrated.

‘Olive and The Pie’, illustration

‘Olive and The Pie’, illustration

The latest painting makes me think of stories and really, I don’t think I love anything as much as I love a good story. Adventure stories being my absolute favourite, followed by mysteries. I am an absolute reading addict.

‘The Edge Of The Wood’, 24 x 30in, acrylic on wood panel board.

‘The Edge Of The Wood’, 24 x 30in, acrylic on wood panel board.

I’m regularly updating Instagram and my FB art page. I’m updating my website and online shop on an ongoing basis. I’ll blog (I hope) in the Fall as seasonal seems to be the schedule. Unless something extraordinary happens and I have to share, you never know!

Have a wonderful, happy spring and summer.

PS. I was emailed a few months ago asking if I could voice-enhance my blogs for those who are visually impaired or, just have a hard time reading a screen. I have added this new feature and I’m thrilled someone wants to know what I’m up to enough to request this option. It is my pleasure to include it here for this new blog post. Please let me know if there are any glitches with this new feature! DG