2019 Is A Good Year Already!


I am so pleased to finally receive a copy of the book Pritel Stesk published by Albatros Publishers in the Czech Republic. They selected my painting ‘Old School’ for the cover and it looks great! So proud and thrilled. I can’t believe I have TWO book covers - feel so incredibly fortunate to have my art work on the radar.



I am currently working with Chef Denise Marchessault as photographer and photo stylist. We’ve been having a ball creating deliciousness - Denise creates the most yummy food and I play with it, shoot it and with any luck, eat it. It’s a pleasure to be EAT magazine contributors where you can see our teamwork under ‘Masterclass’.



Working with food has inspired a whole new series of illustrations that I am busy working on. Here is a little taster (pun intended)…



AND, painting. Gah, so much to do. I have three large panels in mid prep. My studio is in full paint mode. There is no wall space at the moment as things lean and are stacked and up on the easel. If you could see me, you would see my grin.

Yes, I’m slower with the arthritis but I’m managing it. I don’t mind being slower and I think it’s making me even more creative and happier. I can stop and breathe, I can enjoy a timeout without guilt or being driven to distraction by an unfinished piece (seriously, I used to paint for HOURS and HOURS and HOURS). This slower way may not be the romantic ideal of that obsessed artist-type but it’s a better balance for me.

I seem to be posting most regularly on Instagram (which is automatically shared with Facebook). You can find either of those accounts through the links on my website if you’re interested. Otherwise, I’ll be writing again in a month or so.

Wishing you a healthy, happy and inspired 2019!