It is already the end of September and this month is my self-made deadline for launching a new creative project. I'm usually well in by this point... and I am, just in a different way!

When my painting ‘A Million Miles Away’, was selected for the cover of a novel in Italy (Giunti Editore/Bompiani) and I received my copy in the mail, well, I became inspired. I really wanted to do prints of some of my work, including that piece.

I laugh now because ‘do prints of some of my work’ escalated to a number of projects that consumed September aka do prints - in multiple sizes, design cards, bookmarks, more journals… shipping material and packaging... branding and designing, a new website layout, a new business card... then a new website store... then a Blog to become the hub of news and finally a Newsletter to let people in on it! Customizing became my morning, noon and night.

You can see how September went for me...

And so, regarding the slight delay in a creative project, I was creating - just in a different capacity. It looks like this:

A fresh WEBSITE , simplified with new elements including:

The STUDIO SHOP , an online store. It's small at the moment but it will grow to host a number of things under a number a categories including cards, bookmarks, journals... more selected images in print... more stuff that's secret at the moment... I have so many ideas for The Studio I can't tell you how excited I am about it!

This BLOG which will be the hub of news and creative sharing.

A NEWSLETTER which has been requested more often than I can count. You'll be the first to know about new work, news, and anything else that is blog-worthy.  There will also be promotions and special editions and fun stuff.

This is all brand new. I hope you like it. If you find an error, a glitch, let me know! Comments are open, email is free and I'm happy to hear feedback and suggestions.

Happy End Of September! The Studio is now open.